Yes, you can play Borderlands 3 by your lonesome self when it’s out 13th September, but why would you? A four-person group that slays together, gets tons of loot together.

Gearbox Software plans to enhance co-op with new features and even more accessibility, according to a panel they chaired at Guardian Con. These include:

Not only is the latter feature helpful for others but it fleshes out the personalities of Vault Hunters like Amara.

The game’s multiplayer search option is also tweaked. Let’s break that down further:

  • When you’re LFGing, you’ll still be able to keep playing while the game finds a match.
  • You can also fine-tune that search by specifying modes or trying to find people at the same point in the main story.
  • Duelling also returns and features a 1v1v1v1 free-for-all mode if you’re looking to kill some time outside of the main campaign.

Another cool feature? Even if they’re not around, you can buy off whatever items your pals on your friend list have sold off from the in-game vending machines. Say if they sell a purple shotgun, it’s made available for you to purchase.

Hell, if they’re generous, they can mail items to you instead. And if you want to look for builds and loadout ideas, you can take a peek at their inventory and skill tree via the friend list. Let’s hope these options pan out well because the Borderlands games are meant to be a fun-filled co-op experience.


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