Impatient for Persona 5 Royal to come out? Can’t wait to be reunited with your Phantom Thieves buddies? Well guess what, you can see them up front in Japan this December.

Persona 5 the Stage is a stage play adaptation of the hugely popular JRPG of the same name. Actor Ino Hiroki, who has performed on stage play adaptations for anime such as Bleach and Haikyuu, will play the role of Joker. The official website shows that other members of the cast will be revealed soon.

P5 the stage psoter.jpg

The only staff member known so far is Nishimori Hideyuki, bearing the dual responsibilities of producer and scriptwriter. This isn’t the first time Nishimori directs a stage play for a video game as he was also in charge of the script and production of last year’s Danganronpa 3 THE STAGE.

In Tokyo, the show will be performed at the Tennozu Galaxy Theater from 19 December to 29 December 2019.

In Osaka, it will be performed at the Mielparque Hall Osaka from 13 December to 15 December 2019.

Tickets aren’t being sold yet so if you’re keen on getting yourself a seat, make sure to keep an eye on the official website and the show’s official Twitter account.


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