IDW has revealed a new fifth female ninja turtle into official canon, in a move which will upend the status quo of our favorite pizza-eating subway-dwelling heroes.

The comic book publisher has revealed our first look at the design for the fifth female ninja turtle on its official Twitter account.

This is to celebrate the second printing of the 95th issue of its ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

She sports some deadly Shredder-like claws and a yellow headband. It seems like Raphael has some new competition in the edgy and brooding department.


Her name is Jennika, a former Foot Clan ninja who was mortally wounded in a clash between two rival factions of the ancient organization.

She was originally a human but later mutated into a turtle when she received a blood transfusion from Leonardo in an effort to save her.

According to TMNT artist Sophie Campbell (via Gizmodo), the creative team has been planning this for a while and that Jennika will likely stick around for a while.

Jennika isn’t even the first new female ninja turtle to be introduced, as there was another female ninja turtle named Venus De Milo (who has since been erased from existence after the cancellation of the Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation TV series).

Venus is the one with the visible turtle boobs.

There was also a time when April O’Neil temporarily became an honorary fifth ninja turtle.


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