Dropping on 16 July 2019, the first major update for the free-to-play monster hunting game Dauntless will include a slew of new content. Titled Fortune & Glory, the patch will also mark the end of Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades.

The biggest addition to the game will be a new environment called the Island of Trials which will have enhanced Behemoths. A new NPC called Lady Luck will act as a shopkeeper of sorts to trade weapon mods, special moves, and cosmetics for a new currency called Marks.

Dauntless Lady Lucjk.png

Players will obtain Marks when they complete Trials by defeating the aforementioned modified Behemoths. Completion times for Trials will also be recorded and players (both Solo and Group) with the fastest times will have their names displayed on the Wall of Champions. I suppose that’s the “Glory” part.

The Trials are weekly challenges and once the new week starts, the Wall of Champions will be erased for players to give another go at attaining glory for themselves and their squad.


Developer Phoenix Labs are also being fair to smaller monsters by introducing smollusks. These guys will be found on the Island of Trials and will ooze out some sort troublesome goo that might take away precious seconds from your attempt to get on the Wall of Champions. Protip: take em’ out before you go up against a Behemoth.

Last but not least, the update will also come with two new Hunt Passes. The season will begin with High Skies and end with Zephyr Strike. Each pass will feature a full fifty levels, Basic and Elite progression tracks, and a bunch of other pirate-themed rewards.


Fortune & Glory will run from 16 July until some time in August, Zephyr Strike will begin immediately after. Read more at the game’s official blogpost.


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