WarnerMedia Announces HBO Max Streaming Service, Features CW Arrowverse & More


WarnerMedia has announced their very own streaming service, HBO Max. It is set to launch sometime in spring 2020 with over 10,000 hours of content. It is set to be the company’s answer to Netflix and Disney Plus, amongst others.

HBO Max will be home to the following series and movies:

According to sources from The Hollywood Reporter, existing streaming services under WarnerMedia like DC Universe, HBO Now, HBO Go, and CW Seed will remain operating as usual for now.

The DC Universe is producing some of the best ongoing comic book adaptation offerings, with the likes of Swamp Thing (unfortunately, this one’s been canceled), Doom Patrol, and Young Justice. It’ll be a shame to see it all go to waste and getting absorbed into another streaming service.

However, since DC Universe content will be available on HBO Max, let’s hope the folks at WarnerMedia don’t see the existence of DC Universe and the other streaming services as redundant. That said, it would still make more sense for everything to be under one massive streaming service.

The problem with other smaller streaming services like DC Universe is that they are often only available for US and Canadian citizens. For example, I can’t subscribe to the DC Universe because I live in Malaysia. If HBO Max can fix that by offering DC Universe content in more regions worldwide, it’ll benefit consumers like me as well.

Check out the trailer for HBO Max, with glimpses of all the shows and movies you can expect on the upcoming new streaming service.


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