Just a little over four years ago, the entity known as FromSoftware granted us a gift called Bloodborne. Though our minds were young, we saw its beauty. For some of us, we etched into our hearts an undying love for the PS4 exclusive.

As if to reward us for our devotion, Sony Interactive Entertainment has formed a covenant with Japanese clothing boutique TORCHTORCH to illuminate the world once more. Through this matrimony, new Bloodborne-themed t-shirts are born into the world, ready to be donned by those whose eyes have truly opened.

Currently, four designs are being sold on the website but a kind soul by the name of Nibel says that four more are on their way. The shirts are priced around ¥4,500 (excluding taxes) depending on size and colour. Take a look, dear hunter:

This isn’t TORCHTORCH’s first foray into the horrifying worlds crafted by the wizards of FromSoftware. In the past, they have also forged and sold the very rings that appear in the Souls games. Have a gander at their Instagram to find out more.


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