And about time too. The PS4 puzzle virtual trip Tetris Effect is getting a PC release in a few days. 23 July, to be precise.

The catch, if you can call it that? It’s coming out on the Epic Games Store. Like its PS4 brethren, the PC version has optional VR support via the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. The PC version is considered the “ultimate version” of the game, as it comes with uncapped framerates, 4K resolution, ultrawide monitor support, and other expanded game and graphical options.

We gave Tetris Effect our coveted Best Puzzle Game award for our Kakuchopurei Awards 2018 extravaganza last year because it had the folks behind Rez and Child of Eden making it all jazzy, cityscapy, transition-ey, and celebratory.

The PC version will cost you US$40, but will be available for 20 percent off during the pre-order period. Anyone who buys the game early will get a seven-track soundtrack sampler and a 4K Tetris Effect wallpaper as a complimentary bonus.


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