Updated Nintendo Switch Model Will Have Better Battery Life

The reveal of the new Nintendo Switch Lite is still fresh in everyone’s minds and in case you’re planning on getting it, read this before you make a decision. Most of us at KKP believe it’s just the better choice to go for the regular Switch rather than the Switch Lite and there’s a new announcement that further supports our stance.

Nintendo’s official full specs page for the Nintendo Switch has just been updated, particularly at the battery life section. There are will be a new Switch model that comes with improved battery life. The original model (HAC-001) is supposed to last you around 3 hours for Breath of the Wild while the new model (HAC-001-(01)) will supposedly be able to last 5.5 hours.

Switch specs.png

Surprisingly, the 4310mAH internal battery capacity seems to have remain unchanged. This could be the result of the changes in some of the Switch’s components such as its CPU. The Verge did come across documents that pointed towards these changes being made.

According to Nintendo, the Switch Lite will be able to run Breath of the Wild for a supposedly 4 hour gameplay session. No doubt this is thanks to its smaller screen but it still means that it self-admittedly beats the current regular Switch by an hour in battery life.


I believe the updated Switch model is intended to further push people interested in the Switch Lite to just go for a regular Switch. The improved battery life on top of all the other extras will give the regular Switch a more value-for-money appeal.

According to specs sheet, the updated Switch model will be available starting in mid-August 2019. No indications on a price increase so it’s safe to assume it will be sold for the same price as the current models.

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