While we may not have realized it, the last Plants vs. Zombies game was released over six years ago in 2013. It helped break the tower defense mobile game genre into the mainstream and now developer PopCap Games is ready to take the franchise to the next level.

PopCap Games announced Plants vs. Zombies 3 on the EA official website, as well as a playable pre-Alpha version of the game on the Google Play Store. However, there will only be a limited amount of downloads available that will be rolled out in various phases.

Just head to the game’s Google Play Store page here to download and start playing the pre-Alpha build. At the time of writing, the first phase of the pre-Alpha might already be full, so players will have to wait for the next phase and check the page again in the near future.

According to the developer, Plants vs. Zombies 2 will still be available to download despite the announcement of Plants vs. Zombies 3. The company said:

“At PopCap, we’ve been working on PvZ for years and want to bring our beloved plants and zombies to current players and the next generation of players everywhere.

We’re hard at work testing out a lot of fun things that we want your feedback on, and hope you will come on this journey with us!”

Plants vs Zombies 3 2



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