Vanillaware’s Evangelion-Esque Mecha Game Is Coming Out Late 2019 In Japan

Vanillaware, the folks behind Odin Sphere, Dragon Crown, and all those lovely-looking 2D artwork-filled games that remind you of a Japanese Frank Frazetta, has shown off more info and details of its upcoming action RPG mecha-filled title 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

Here’s what the game features:

  • 13 Playable Characters. Thought Odin Sphere’s 5 heroes were enough? 13 Sentinels will give you 13! Playing all of them will reveal the “truth behind the fate of ruin”, or some story nonsense. You control high-school students the majority of the time.
  • Battle, Adventure, and Archive gameplay. Seems self-explanatory: Battle is battle, Adventure lets you experience the story, and Archive gives you a lot of reading material about 13 Sentinels‘ world. The Adventure portion lets you solve the mecha and robot history plaguing their city with the 13.

And if you’re expecting Titanfall, well…take a look at the Battle footage below.

It’s gonna be one of those top-down tactical games like Front Mission, eh? But replace sprites with purple, orange, and red lines and blips. You’ll have to pilot four types of Sentinels against huge enemy “kaijus” attacking the city. I’m getting an Evangelion vibe here, what with the schoolkids piloting mechas to put the beatdown on the monsters. I can’t say I’m overwhelmed, but hopefully, it’s more fun than it looks.

Check out the full stream below, assuming you can speak Japanese. Adventure bits are at 2:58:00, while Battle sections are at 3:48:37.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim will be out for PS4 on 28th November in Japan. An English version has yet to be announced though. Gawk at these screenshots and artwork below in the meantime. Founder George Kamitani’s still got it!

Author: Mr Toffee

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