While San Diego Comic-Con has historically never been much for gaming, Death Stranding is an exception to the rule, owing not only to the star-studded cast featured in the upcoming PS4 exclusive but also the industry icon that is Hideo Kojima.

Kojima hosted an SDCC 2019 Death Stranding panel earlier today, with actor Nicolas Winding Refn (who plays the character Heartman in the game) joining him on stage. They explained more about Refn’s character, the concept of which sounds totally farfetched and bizarre.

According to IGN (who attended the panel), Heartman was described as having a “unique” heart that stops beating every 21 minutes. Therefore, he is constantly hooked up to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), occupying his time with music and movies.

He actually dies every 21 minutes, and during that brief three minutes of ‘death’, Heartman spends time searching for his family “on the other side”. Frankly, this explanation makes things sound even more confusing for this particular writer.

Thankfully, the official unveiling of the Death Stranding PS4 box art makes it all worth it, amidst the confusing exposition.

Death Stranding Box Art

Death Stranding is slated to release exclusively for the PS4 on 8 November 2019. For more details and information on Death Stranding (and the collector’s edition contents), head on over here.

(Image Credits: IGN)



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