A lot of great announcements were made at Marvel Studios‘ San Diego Comic Con 2019 panel and just went it seems like they’ve run out of things to reveal, they hit us with the biggest one at the end.

A new Blade movie is in the works and it will be a reboot so don’t expect a continuation of the Wesley Snipes trilogy. This isn’t exactly bad news since it’s an opportunity for those who are unfamiliar with the half-vampire half-human superhero to become new fans. I’ve got no doubts that there will probably be a few references towards the Wesley Snipes movies to please long-time fans.


Blade is the tale of Eric Brooks, a man cursed with the burden of being half-vampire and half-human. In the comics, he is initially only immune to a vampire’s bite and their hypnosis but after being bit by a scientifically-created vampire, he gains superhuman abilities. The prior movies diverge drastically compared to the comics but in a nutshell, Blade is a vampire hunter who uses his skills and abilities to protect people.

Since the movie will be a reboot, a new actor will be playing the role of the vampire hunter and it’s not just anybody. Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali will be filling those shoes and in case you didn’t know, he was also the voice actor for Miles Morales’ villainous uncle Aaron Davis AKA The Prower in Into the Spider-Verse. From animated side-villain to big screen superhero. One hell of an upgrade!

No other details have been released so far except for the title image above so in the meantime, I recommend watching the Wesley Snipes Blade trilogy which are very enjoyable movies.


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