From late June to early July, we put our wallets through some excruciatingly good discounts on the Steam Summer Sale. There’s almost nothing better than buying games at a high discount… except getting games for free which is exactly what the Epic Games Store gives us pretty much every week! So what does the EGS have for us this time?

From now until 25 July 2019, EGS users will be able to claim a free copy of Limbo, a 2D platformer set in an eerie black-and-white world. There was a time when the “Are video games art?” debate was getting very heated and this game was often used as a pro-argument. On that merit alone the game is worth trying out.

The beautiful and definitely-not-depressing world of Limbo.

After Limbo’s free period ends, the EGS is going to do something very rare. Instead of getting one free game next week, EGS users can claim two fully free full-fledged games. Starting from 25 July 2019 until 01 August 2019, both rogue-lite RPG Moonlighter and civillian-in-a-war simulator This War of Mine.

Moonlighter puts you in the shoes of Will, who owns a shop in a village that’s set up near Gates which lead to different realms and dimensions. By day, you run the shop and sell items to adventurers who want to venture into the Gates looking for treasure. By night, you become an adventurer yourself and seek your own share of glory and loot hidden within those Gates.


We’re all used to playing as soldiers in games that are set in wars, but have you ever wondered about the lives and well-being of the virtual civilians also stuck in those wars? It’s okay to say you haven’t because really, who does? Well, This War of Mine decides to give you a taste of the struggles of those non-combatants anyway and it does so in a very engaging way. I bought the game back when it was on sale and I’ve spent around 10 hours on the game and that’s just on one playthrough! It’s bleak, depressing, and will make you question the need for wars but it’s all done in an enjoyable way (that sounds weird but just try it).

So what are you waiting for? Go claim those free games!

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