Avengers Endgame has dethroned Avatar and become the number one highest-grossing movie of all time. To celebrate that achievement, why don’t you feast your eyes on this new Avengers Endgame Iron Patriot Hot Toys figure?

James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes AKA Iron Patriot AKA War Machine played an integral role in Avengers Endgame, helping grab the Power Stone on Morag in the past and fighting in the final battle against Thanos.

His armor in Avengers Endgame was the most powerful one yet, with an arsenal capable of wiping out an army. In addition to the repulsors and machine guns on his arms, this armor features freaking back-mounted cannons and shoulder-mounted missile launchers.

Check out the metallic blue and reddish-orange painted Iron Patriot 1/6th scale collectible figure below. Seriously, that would look mighty impressive on your shelf (via Facebook).

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As cool as it looks, I wonder why Hot Toys have opted for the Iron Patriot moniker instead of using the War Machine name. To my knowledge, Rhodey didn’t wear an Iron Patriot-themed suit of armor in Avengers Endgame.



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