As you can tell from the headline, it’s gearing up to say “it’s mobile”. Yep, the upcoming Mega Man X entry will not be a continuation of Mega Man X8 back in 2004, but as an action RPG for iOS and Android. Truly some Wishmaster bulls*** here.

Take a look and see what has become of our precious X and Zero; they’re now in an all-stars project featuring characters from all the X series, including that Command Missions RPG.

This game is developed by Capcom Taiwan and it looks like a 2D action RPG game. You most likely will level up, gain a bunch of Hunters and Mavericks to use, and probably gacha better ones with real money if the currency you’re getting in the game runs out. Yep, this may be X’s so-called revival, unless Capcom is truly making a real sequel to X8 following the critical acclaim of Mega Man 11 and the Mega Man X Legacy Collections.

In which case can you please make that goshdarn announcement by the end of 2019? Thanks!

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