Oninaki Demo Is Now Live For PS4; Comes With A Bonus Feature


Tokyo RPG Factory was formed by Square Enix to create games that mirrored the look and feel of JRPGS in the 90’s. The company’s first release, I Am Setsuna, was quite well received thanks to its heartwrenching story and simplistic yet enjoyable gameplay. Oninaki is their latest game and for PS4 owners, you can start playing the demo and get something really nifty out of it.

In the Playstation Blog announcement for the demo’s release, Tokyo RPG Factory game director Atsushi Hashimoto and creative producer Takashi Tokita spilled more details on the game.

“We decided to set Oninaki in a new world which shares a common thread with our previous titles in its unique take on life and death. This time it’s centered around the idea of the cycle of reincarnation. In many ways, it’s a totally different kind of world compared to what most players will expect from us, so we think that should be an exciting prospect for players who have seen our last titles too.”

In the world of Oninaki, reincarnation isn’t a spiritual mystery like in ours. It’s a real occurrence and the inhabitants of the world are even told that grieving for the dead would actually make reincarnation more difficult. It’s the job of the Watchers to smooth out any issues that complicates a wandering soul’s journey to the next life. In the game, you play as Kagachi, a young Watcher.

“It’s Kagachi’s role in the story to guide these lost souls into the next life, and we think players will definitely find his story interesting. On top of this really different life and death cycle within the game, players will uncover a mystery surrounding a girl called Linne and The Night Devil — we think there’s a lot here to keep players interested!” – Hashimoto

The “something nifty” I mentioned earlier is that you can transfer your progress from the demo to the full game, if you decide to buy it later on. You’ll be playing the opening part of the game in the demo so when you play the full game, you don’t have to sit through that part all over again.

For those of you using a Malaysian PS account, here’s what you can do if you can’t find the demo on the PS Store. Use a browser to open the game’s PS Store page here and login to “purchase” the demo. The demo will then be available in your PS4 library.

Oninaki releases on 22 August 2019 for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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