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As a genre, fighting games have always been home to some of the most iconic and memorable characters in fighting game history. Here’s our pick of the top 20 2D fighting game characters of all time based on their design, moveset, lore, history, popularity, and sheer coolness factor.

EVO 2019 is but a week away; how about we talk about our favourite fictional fisticuffers & pixelated pugilists until then?

20. Merkava (Under Night In-Birth)


The mysterious unidentified monster/creature is a relatively common trope in fighting games, but Merkava stands out as being one of the few monster-type characters to have a real sense of personality and style to his design.

Sure, he’s a disturbing creature of the void, but those long noodly appendages and that flowing mane of hair – how could you not adore him?

Honestly, his movesets are hilarious and deserve a spot on this list for their memetic potential alone, but this character actually lives up to his terrifying visage in his gameplay. The way he shrieks as he pounces on you endlessly and his flailing tentacles trap you in a vortex of pain….truly a sight to behold.


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