The fun Nintendo Switch-exclusive beat-em-up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 lets you mix and match your own team of X-Men, Avengers, and even SpiderVerse party to fight bad guys in the Marvel pantheon. Too bad you can’t have four of the same characters in the party, until now.

This glitch, courtesy of ShinobiSekiro via Reddit (and Kotaku), lets you create character dupes in a party via taking advantage of solo missions in the Infinity mode. Like so.


Here’s how you pull it off:

  • Select the Spider-Man solo challenge in the Infinity menu. Here, the game injects Spider-Man into the player’s party in the first slot, as it’s the game’s way of making sure the player has the right hero for the mission.
  • You then either finish or fail the mission; Spider-Man will still be in the party in the first position.
  • Head to the select party menu and move the injected Spider-Man into either the second, third, or fourth party slot.
  • Then enter the solo mission again. The game will inject Spider-Man into the first slot again. Repeat this three times to get all four Spider-Men.
  • To keep your Spider-Men party for story mode, make sure you use the chapter select option. Otherwise, your old party will be remixed.
  • This trick also works with heroes with solo missions in Infinity. Which means you can dupe the following: Captain America, Luke Cage, Gamora, and Hulk.

So what’s the benefit of having the same heroes in a party? The “duplicated” character technically gains four times more experience since all of it is applied to one character via the glitch. The ISO-8s and stats also stack atop one another, which means four times the buffs.

Also, having four Spider-Men means more fun tearing through hordes of ninjas and Ultron drones. Who wouldn’t want more Spider-Men in their lives? It’s something Aunt May and MJ would want, but for completely different reasons.


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