Three months after Avengers Endgame released in April 2019, the record-breaking gargantuan blockbuster will officially be releasing on Digital today on 30 July 2019, and Blu-ray next month on 13 August 2019. To mark this occasion, several Avengers Endgame deleted scenes have made their way online, which weren’t included in the Avengers Endgame re-release last month.

Avengers Paying Respect To Tony

At the time of writing, this clip has gone viral on social media, with many fans questioning why it wasn’t included in the theatrical version (or the re-release). This deleted scene features an extended sequence of Tony Stark’s death, focusing on the Avengers’ immediate reactions.

Starting with Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye, the Avengers kneeled down one-by-one as a sign of respect to Tony Stark, making for a poignant and heartbreaking scene. It’s also vital for showing us when exactly the 2014 Gamora left the group, and why Peter was looking for her at the end of the movie.

While many argue that the ensuing funeral and I Love You 3000 hologram scenes make this deleted scene redundant, I beg to differ. Check out the deleted scene below.

Tony Shaving Rocket

In this deleted scene (which presumably takes place during the Avengers’ brainstorming session on figuring out which timeline to visit to obtain the Infinity Stones), Rocket mocks the Avengers for having a hard time against the Chitauri during the Battle Of New York in 2012’s The Avengers.

According to Rocket, the Chitauri are the “suckiest army in the galaxy” and pointed out that everyone knows blowing up the mother ship is the key to defeating them. He proceeds to laugh, but Tony stands up (without a word) and shaves the back of Rocket’s head.

Well, if that were true and it was that easy, Rocket, you guys wouldn’t have had to struggle so much in the final battle against Thanos and his Chitauri army at the end of Avengers Endgame, didn’t you? Check out the deleted scene below.

Rhodey Making Fun Of Captain America

This deleted scene is the funniest one yet. While reviewing the past history of the Tesseract AKA the Space Stone, James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes AKA War Machine asks Steve Rogers why he crashed the plane back in 1945.

When Steve said that it’s because the plane was carrying a bomb, Rhodey drops one of his deadpan truth bombs by asking;

“You couldn’t have jumped out of the plane before you crashed it?”

Check out the deleted scene below.

These are the only Avengers Endgame deleted scenes that have been released online so far. We’ll keep updating this article with new ones as they are revealed.



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