Miss the 1996 version of Diablo? Want to see pre-rendered graphics of heroes, demons, and evil things murdering each other in an isometric via a million clicks from your mouse button? Then you should take a trip down memory lane and play the shareware version of Diablo right now.

When I say “shareware”, I mean the version with just the first two areas of the dungeon and one of the three character classes. However, if you have the original and have all the files on hand, you can play the whole game via browser. Just drag a specific file and drag it onto the browser page.

This port by Rivsoft is based on source code recreated by two programming teams, bugs and all. All you’re getting is just a town to walk into, and demons to kill in real-time fashion. No overt narrative, no long-ass cutscenes, no nothing. Just pure straight-up hack-and-slash loot-hoarding 90s fun. 


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