Apex Legends Cross-Platform Play May Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

EA just released their quarterly financial report and it has a few statements that’s definitely worth paying attention to. One of the most noteworthy ones says that Apex Legends will be delivering “one of the most fan-requested features” in the next few weeks.

When Apex Legends was launched, it became a surprising success. It had very little marketing and thus not much hype was built around it. Now it’s one of most popular battle royale titles in the market.

Being that popular also comes with the burden of being compared to other industry bests. When observing games like Fortnite and PUBG, there are definitely a few features that Apex Legends still lack.

Apex Bloodhound


Fans have been asking for cross-play since the game’s launch. Sometimes our friends aren’t playing on the same platform we are and that’s a big letdown in games that don’t allow cross-play.

Fortnite is currently top dog in the battle royale scene and it has implemented cross-play for a while now. It’s so comprehensive that the cross-play doesn’t just cover PC and consoles but even mobiles too.

Solo Mode

Usually, a battle royale game can either be played in two modes: solo or team.

Although we mostly see people preferring to play in teams, there’s still a big crowd of players who like playing solo. It also offers a way to switch things up once in a while when you’re bored of playing team mode.

Apex Legends patch

Apex Legends has been team-only since its release and to be honest, it’s understandable why. The game was built with teamwork and synergy in mind. Playing in solo would potentially make some characters and their skills become useless.

The respawn mechanic will also become unusable but that’s a given in a solo mode anyway.


There’s still no word on what this fan-requested feature is but I’m hoping it’s one of the two I’ve mentioned above. Personally I’m hoping it’s cross-play. As a PC player, I’ve really been wanting to play with my PS4 friends.

What do you guys think? Got any of your own speculation as to what this upcoming feature might be?

Author: Burhanudin Zamri

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