E3 2019 Organizers Accidentally Doxxed Over 2,000 Journalists & Content Creators

If you’re one of the many journalists and professionals who attended E3 2019 this year, you may want to change up your info. According to a tweet from journalist Sophia Narwitz  (via Hype Break), the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) accidentally posted up the approved list of attending games journalist, YouTubers, and content creators.


The list is a Microsoft Excel sheet featuring over 2,000 names featuring their outlets, their numbers, and their home/office addresses, and it has been on ESA’s website until Sophia Narwitz contacted them about this big error. The webpage has been taken down, but we do know that the Excel sheet is still online via archival sites. Still, that list contains a number of big names like IGN, GameSpot, and Polygon, alongside YouTube personalities like Greg Miller and YongYea.

That’s not the worst part: apparently, the list has been accessible since E3, so all this information has been out for a couple of months according to the tweets of journalist NGFrank2. At least in hosted file form like this one. After a complaint from another writer, the ESA was alerted about it but didn’t take any action for a month.

The ESA has yet to release an official statement regarding this breach of privacy. For now, we would like to inform our associates from Malaysia and Singapore who attended the prestigious show to protect themselves ASAP. Or maybe get a lawyer to sue the ESA.

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