Total War Creators To Make Card Game Spin-Off, Will Launch In China First

Creative Assembly said before that its recent Total War game was a hit in China, since a ton of gamers and players there make up a huge chunk of Total War: Three Kingdoms. It’s going to capitalize on its popularity by doing what most developers would do: make a card game and team up with an Asian bigwig publisher to sort the logistics/marketing/mass backend stuff.

Said company will be NetEase, whom you may know as the publishers of PUBG knockoff Rules of Survival and mobile RPG Onmyoji. They will be creating a collectible card game together with the team called Total War: Elysium. It will feature historical generals duking it out on the table and will be out in China as a timed exclusive. There’s no word on when it’ll be out worldwide but Creative Assembly said soon.

Based on the image, it’s like Hearthstone but with historical figures duking it out. This should make history buffs cream their pants a little.¬†And as a bonus to all Chinese PC gamers, the team will be bringing all of its historical Total War games over to China for the very first time. Legally. So even if you’re not that hot and bothered with all this CCG stuff, you get to play the classic games that put Creative Assembly on the map.

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