The Next Guilty Gear Plans To Bridge Old & New Fighting Game Fans Together

Fans of Arc System Works rock-heavy fighting game anthem Guilty Gear Xrd were most likely stoked at the latest Guilty Gear game teaser during EVO 2019. Not much info has surfaced since then.

However, the game’s general director Daisuke Ishiwatari said on Twitter that the new Guilty Gear plans to bring a whole new experience for casual and hardcore fans alike. Here are some of the buzzwords and quotes from the post:

  • The game’s core concept will neither be an evolution nor a return to roots. It’s also not an addition and subtraction of elements to the existing title.
  • The director and his team plan to disassemble the current franchise into fragments and sift out the pieces that make it unique and charismatic. They will then use bits of the game to completely restructure it into a “new experience”.
  • The team plans to change up the essence of the fighting game genre to achieve that uniqueness for the next Guilty Gear. It is a high risk on their part, but with their long-time experience with fighting games, they’re confident in nailing it.
  • To tie it all home, he brought up the quote “Game is a bridge that connects people”.

Hopefully it’s not Guilty Gear Isuka. That’s a prime example of good intentions gone bad.

The new Guilty Gear will be on PS4. A playable demo will be available at ArcRevo World Tour Final 2019. In the meantime, rock out to the teaser and its badass new song.

It ain’t going to top Guilty Gear Xrd’s landmark reveal, but it’s still gorgeous all the same.

Author: Mr Toffee

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