Drop Zones

The single most crucial element in a winning game is choosing where your squad lands simply because; 1) you want the best loot for the opening act, 2) you want to avoid fighting other squads when you first land.

After watching a few rounds of the EXP Invitational, which you can do here, it’s safe to say that most of the pro players do not drop at packed and sweaty locations, often opting to drop further out from the centre of the map.

It is generally understood that purple and gold tier loot are waiting for lucky looters on the outer areas of the map such as Thunderdome, Swamp Lakes, Swamps, Water Treatment and so on.

Redditor ZYy9oQ has compiled a heatmap of popular drop zones which we can see down below.


Ranked Drop.png
Popular drop zones in Ranked mode.


Unranked drop.png
Popular drop zones in Normal mode.

As you can see between the two heatmaps, the outer regions get more active time in Ranked mode.

This was prominent in the EXP Invitational as pro teams take time looting and all hell breaks loose in the final circles.

Just look at the map and how the commentator reacts to how the players go down.

This phenomenon happened because players dropped far away from each other and far away from the centre of the map.

This can be clearly seen in one of ZYy9oQ’s heatmaps comparing the popular drop zones between low ranked and high ranked players.

HIgh vs low.png
High rank (red) vs Low rank (blue)

Better players tend to drop and loot further away from the chaotic action.

In essence, drop further away from the action and save it for when your squad is prepared.

So, here are some insights that might help you improve your Apex Legends gameplay. If this is not enough, head to our latest guide here and see how you can dominate the battlefield.

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