Honda, the Japanese car brand renowned for the Civic, the Jazz, and the CR-V running amuck all over Malaysian highways, will be exclusively sponsoring a large League of Legends tournament in the USA (via

Following companies like Mercedes-Benz sponsoring the esports scene, Honda will be doing this to expand its interest in esports and in Riot Games’ MOBA, specifically. It plans to increase its reach with a young up-and-coming market.

The company already has an established partnership with Team Liquid. This move makes Honda the “first automaker in North America to sponsor both an esports league and an esports team competing in it”.

This partnership makes sense for both Riot Games and Honda. The former gets funding for their bigger US tournaments for now and the future, while Honda gets its brand out to budding car buyers. Unlike Mercedes-Benz, their target market can at least afford a few of the cars they have for sale.

Does this mean we’ll get to see ads or skins where Caitlyn and Yasuo ride around in tiny Jazzes and Civics? Or maybe even see those penguins in Teamfight Tactics committing a drive-by in a CR-V? So many possibilities…


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