One of the more thrilling additions to the upcoming Xbox One/PC third-person cover-heavy shooter Gears 5 is the Escape mode. Think Left 4 Dead co-op but with Locusts, traps, and deadly segmented rooms. You go from point A to B surviving and fighting while the entire room fills up with deadly gas.

And if that isn’t enough to entertain you, perhaps the game’s custom map mode will entice you to create your own deathtrap labyrinth of sorts. Players will get to use a map editor for Escape if they feel the current selection isn’t enough. They will be using a simple but extensive toolbox as demonstrated by developer The Coalition in this video below.

The map editor is tailor-made for consoles, so you can’t mess around with custom meshes or make new assets. You’ll be working with prefabricated room tiles that snap together; this is similar to 2016 Doom’s SnapMap feature. Still, you can place enemies and weapon pickups whenever you like, as well as determine the speed of the poison that’s chasing you down. Plus, there’s a handy fly-through mode that checks how the map goes at a glance.

Hopefully, this will get people’s creative juices flowing when making and sharing Gears 5 maps. We do hope the map editor’s budget bar, which probably limits the number of things you can put on a map, doesn’t restrict the creative process. Part of the fun is finding out what wacky things you can do with the Gears toolset, right?


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