Visual novel fans in need of a surreal horror fix not unlike Doki Doki Literature Club may want to check out this remastered version of Saya no Uta – The Song of Saya. This version of the game will be available for Steam this 13th August.

Originally released back in 2009, the game is about a boy who survives a car crash but has a different worldview after that fated day. This infamous visual novel is known for its descriptions of gratuitous violence, sexual assault, adult scenes featuring a young female character, and a lot of other f***ed up imagery and situations that are Lovecraftian by nature.

It’s also well-done thanks to the writing courtesy of Gen Urobuchi, renowned for shows like Madoka Magica and Psycho-Pass. If you can stomach through the gore, you’ll find an engrossing story within.

You can get the game when it’s available tomorrow. 


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