No doubt many of you have seen this insanely hard Super Mario Maker 2 level dubbed “1-1 but with a twist”…

Don’t let this playthrough fool you; there’s a reason why the level has a 0.01% success rate. Or rather, 50 billion fire-related reasons. So who would be crazy enough to recreate this firestorm onto another game?

A CS:GO level maker who goes by ZooL, of course! He was challenged to do it on Discord, and he delivered. Sadism, fire bars, one-hit deaths and all.

This is probably worse in 3D because the fire bars spin on any axis, whether they sweep horizontally or vertically. Just…look at this madness.

If you’re feeling up for it, download the level here or go join in on the Reddit thread here to compare clear times. And godspeed.


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