Bandai Namco U.S. is investigating a potential bomb threat yesterday after a call came in reporting a potential bomb threat at their office and headquarters in Santa Clara, California. In an official statement given to IGN, Bandai Namco said:

“We can’t provide any comment regarding the validity of the threat as there is an ongoing investigation in progress.

We can say that all our employees are safe and that we will be doing everything in our power to safeguard the well being of our employees.”

At the time of writing, it still remains unconfirmed whether bomb threat is credible or fake. All this comes just several weeks after the El Paso tragedy in which a terrorist gunned down and killed 22 people in cold blood (as well as the Ohio shooting that occurred the very next day).

While President Donald Trump’s administration continues to blame video games for the violence, perhaps this bomb threat is part of the fallout and retaliation spiralling from those baseless accusations. This will continue as long as video games remain a scapegoat for senseless violence.

We hope that everyone at Bandai Namco US stays safe and well amidst the bomb threat.



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