We reported a while ago that EA will be releasing a new Need For Speed game later this year. And guess what? It’s going to be neon-filled with 80s filters according to a recent leak.

The Resetera folks managed to grab a few images from the yet-to-be-revealed trailer via EA’s teaser site and came up with the feature image you see on this post. The next game will be called Need For Speed Heat and it will be paying a nod to the glorious aesthetics of the 80s.

Let’s break down what we know so far.

  • The game will be open world, not unlike Burnout Paradise, and will be set in Miami.
  • The game’s narrative will be a bit darker and serious this time around, if you cared about such things as plot in an open world racing game.
  • Control-wise, the brake to drift mechanic will be coming back but will be tweaked to make it better this time around.
  • Mechanics-wise, speed cards and off-road segments will be removed.
  • Just like any online game similar to your Destiny 2s, you can level up. Doing so will unlock parts you can customize your car(s) with.
  • If we’re comparing it to past NFS games, it’s going to be a combination of the 2015 NFS and NFS Rivals.
  • The game’s classic cop chases will be back. These free-roaming action segments will have heat levels tailored with an 80s flair and helicopters too.
  • Other returning features include rain, damage bars, petrol stations, and pro street legal races.
  • Developers Ghost Games will be using NFS Heat as a base for future NFS titles.

Sounds exciting? Sure, but let’s pray that EA’s grubby microtransaction-ey hands aren’t going to smear this already-promising racing venture.


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