Game Informer Hit With Layoffs; Is GameStop Responsible?

Just recently, a few Game Informer writers have found themselves without work.

Writers Imran Khan, Suriel Vasquez, and Kyle Hilliard just announced on Twitter that they were laid off this morning, US time.

Based on what we’ve heard and the tweets above, these layoffs came without any prior warning. Which is sad considering that this sort of thing is growing commonplace in the games industry, be it for developers, content makers for a publisher, or full-time writers.

And seeing that giant US gaming chain GameStop owns Game Informer, there is speculation that the higher-ups made the decision to cut Game Informer staff. After all, GameStop share prices have been dropping, which also led to the company laying off 50 regional, district, HR, and LP field leaders (via GameDaily).

Until we get confirmation from GameStop, we’ll be sure to keep this piece updated with more developments because it’s 3am in the morning here in Malaysia and I need to get some sleep. Please send your love (and potential editorial offers) down over to Kyle Hilliard, Suriel Vazquez, and Imran Khan.

Their work on Game Informer has been awesome, considering that it’s a magazine where writers can just phone it because it has backing from game publishers who need GameStop for their physical game distribution. It’ll be terrible to see them jobless.

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