The action RPG Path of Exiles is still alive and getting players, much like F2P loot hoarding titles these days. It’s now getting a sizeable bunch of updates to keep its lifespan a-going.

Here’s what players will be getting on the game’s future update and Blight League this 6th September.

Tower Defense

Developer Grinding Gear Games will be adding in a tower defense-esque mode called Blight. In this free update, players will be defending a small tower from a mass fungal infection outbreak. The only way to cure it is to squeeze out mushroom oils using a big siphon that you use on the growing fungal cysts and tendrils. It’ll take a few minutes, but during that moment, players will be waylaid by hordes and waves of monsters.

Just like tower defense modes, you can place towers that deal damage and dish out ailments to slow down the horde. They will be numerous, so you’ll need these to help manage crowd control, with your character swooping in for the finish. Once you’re done siphoning a tendril, you get loot and experience. The more tendrils you take on, the tougher the horde but the bigger the loot drops.

New Weaponry & Buffs

Speaking of loot, players will get to hunt for a full set of unique Blight gear. And you can even get special oils from the tendrils and extractors that you can use to anoint your jewelry for extra buffs and bonuses. Combine three oils for anointing and you get a noteworthy passive skill that you couldn’t access from any other means.

The whole Blight league will be extended all the way to PoE’s Atlas of Worlds endgame, which means more tendrils and oils to extract, and bigger batches of loot. Best of all, gilded Synthesis enemies from the game’s previous league, dubbed Synthesis, will be appearing at random during the Blight league. This means you have a chance to get unique Synthesis items as loot.

A Few Tweaks Here & There

Classes in PoE will be getting some changes here and there. Summoners will get new support gems that allow them to give Attack, Defend, or Focus orders to their skeleton and/or zombie army. The Necromancer ascendancy class gets a rebalancing too; they get to specialize in a wider range of minion types.

Poison Assassins will get new skills, a new support gem, and some tweaks to use and tinker with. Ditto for Mine Saboteurs; they now can throw mines further and faster, as well as create chain explosives that deal bigger damage the longer it lasts.

For more details on PoE’s new update, head here. 


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