We’re less than a week away from the release of World Of Warcraft Classic and fans are gearing up to relive their glory days of fighting for the Alliance or the Horde. To commemorate the occasion, Blizzard assembled members of the original WoW team for an epic play session with the game that launched or propelled many of their careers.

The WoW Classic With Creators video features original WoW game designers Alex Afrasiabi, Tom Chilton, Jeff Kaplan, Pat Nagle, and Aaron Keller as they discuss their fondest memories developing the game (while also playing the game).

WoW Classic is slated to release at 3pm PDT on 27 August 2019 or 6pm GMT+8 on 28 August 2019 for Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia. In the meantime, check out the WoW Classic With Creators below.


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