It’s 26 August again, my friends which means it’s International Dog Day!

Here at Kakuchopurei, we want to celebrate International Dog Day by sharing with you guys our favourite barkers and woofers from films and video games. Think of this as an expanded version of our previous Chinese New Year canine feature from a while back. Let’s get right into it!

1. Blade Wolf (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

blade wolf.png

One of the first few bosses you encounter is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is IF Prototype LQ-84i AKA Blade Wolf. Equipped with a high-frequency chainsaw on its tail, throwing knives, metallic claws, and a railgun, Blade Wolf is a formidable opponent who later becomes an ally.

2. Dog (Half-Life 2)


Half-Life 2 was a game that also acted as a tech demo to show off the Source engine and playing fetch with Alyx’s robotic pet-cum-bodyguard Dog was definitely one of the most “check out these physics!” moment.

3. The Mabari (Dragon Age: Origins)


Interactions between companions in Dragon Age: Origins contain some of the most heartwarming and funny moments in the game. Get Barkspawn (that’s the best name you can give him) in your party and watch as he whines for food from Alistair and get into a staring contest with Sten.

4. Trapped Dog (Resident Evil 4)

re4 dog.jpg

If you didn’t rescue him, you wouldn’t have gotten help during that El-Gigante boss fight. Not to mention, you also missed out on the bestest boy in the whole game. Shame.

5. Dogpool (Deadpool comics)

There’s an almost infinite number of Deadpools in the various universes within the Marvel comics and one of them is Dogpool. He gained his powers because he was used to test experimental make up on, namely Mascara X.

6. Chop (Grand Theft Auto V)


You can pet him, play fetch with him, train him to do tricks, and sometimes switch to his perspective in certain missions. Of course, Chop will also kill people who are dumb enough to threaten you. It’s GTA we’re talking about here.

7. D-Dog (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)


The literal Diamond Dog. Rescued by Venom Snake while he was still a pup, grown and train into a tactical canine capable of distracting, stunning, and killing enemies. It can even help you Fulton up unconscious characters.

8. Dinki Di (Mad Max)

dinki di.jpg

One of your friends in the harsh world of the Mad Max video game is Dinki Di, a trained combat dog who will help you sniff out mines and spot other useful things such as ammo and upgrades.

9. Riley (Call of Duty: Ghosts)


Riley isn’t just like any other badass combat dog. He can do the usual stuff like sneaking, flanking, distracting, and biting but if there’s a helicopter close enough to go the ground, he can bring it down by jumping into it and taking out the pilot. Crazy awesome.

10. Great Grey Wolf Sif (Dark Souls)


Sif’s story is a heartbreaking one. We stumble upon him loyally guarding the grave of his former master Artorias and there’s no avoiding a fight as we need to defeat him to get an item needed to progress in the game. A boss fight that made players cry out of sadness, rather than out of difficulty.


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