We’re still at least a year away from getting the next generation of game consoles but there’s already been a lot of information revealed about them, specifically the next PlayStation.


You might have already seen the above picture of the detailed rendering of the possible PlayStation 5 and I don’t blame you for being extremely skeptical. It’s confirmed that the initial patent image that the rendering is based on is definitely from Sony but there’s no mention of what the device actually is.

Recently, the folks at LetsGoDigital have found more patent images of the unknown device and have created more renderings to illustrate what it might look like in real life. Check them out:


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It’s speculated that even if this isn’t the final design of the PS5, it could the Development Kit. LetsGoDigital reported that not long after their first article concerning the device was published, Codemasters senior artist Matthew Stott tweeted out that the device is indeed the PS5 Dev Kit and his office already had a few of them.

Within a few hours, the tweet was deleted along with his entire Twitter account. I don’t know about you but that just screams damage control.

Console development kits usually don’t resemble their consumer versions as developers and creators only care about their functionality and use rather than aesthetics and ergonomics.

The PS4 Pro Dev Kit. Put it side by side with your PS4 Pro and I’m sure you won’t be able to tell the difference.

When compared to past console dev kits, it’s hard to see how this unknown device could even be the PS5 Dev Kit, let alone the actual PS5. Personally, I think the design looks like one of the fake renderings people make to get attention on social media. It’s far too… aesthetic.

I mean just look at the PS3 Dev Kit:

PS3 Dev Kit.

For now, there’s still no official statements from Sony regarding this device; the PS5 doesn’t even have a release or announcement date yet. Sony has already indicated that their next console won’t be out in the first half of 2020, so it’s still a long way to go.


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