Update 30/8/19: It’s confirmed; No Straight Roads is an Epic Games exclusive for PC alongside a few other notable indie titles. Also, we’ve added some comments from people regarding the Epic Store news.

Original story

The music-laced action game No Straight Roads from Metronomik has been getting a lot of good responses whenever and wherever it’s being showcased so far. But this latest rumour may possibly be its most divisive yet among PC fans.

According to Gamer Matters writer Putera Danial and a few sources close to us, the Malaysian-made title might be an Epic Games Store exclusive; a first of sorts. It’s not official yet, but it may be.

Honestly, this doesn’t seem too surprising, since the EGS is definitely the better option, especially for new and/or indie game developers. This is thanks to its more generous sharing of profits as compared to Steam, though we’re not sure if the public gaming populace may see that and instead treat Epic as “the devil responsible for Fortnite”.

The Expected Praise & Backlash

Right after Metronomik announced the news on its Facebook page, a lot of people responded. Some good, some bad.




For the people picking the PlayStation version over the PC version because they prefer one money-making corporation over the other, good on you, I guess.

We’re currently reaching out to Metronomik for confirmation about this. The game is scheduled for an early 2020 release for PC and PS4.

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