If you somehow like interactive horror films with that B-grade kind of touch and feel, Man of Medan is probably worth playing. At least it’s cheaper than your average triple-A title.

So how do you get the best ending? Well, we have some tips for that right here. But before we begin, we should put these right here…




How To Get The Best Ending

If you’re one of those guys or gals who want the best possible outcome for the Man of Medan cast, you’ll want all of them making to the credits: Alex, Brad, Julia, Conrad, Fliss, and Junior. Just do the following for your entire playthrough:

  • Nail every QTE you come across. A no-brainer, being a Supermassive game and all.
  • Hold your nerve during the many pulse events.
  • Keep in mind that the monsters and ghosts are actually your friends; they’re just experiencing the hallucinations of the Manchurian Gold curse in the game.

Here are the specific moments you need to aim for to get the best ending.

  • Conrad must stay on the Duke; he must not attempt to steal the pirate speedboat.
  • Make sure Fliss and Brad aren’t killed by their friends.
  • Alex must propose to Julia and, in the chapter Dive, the latter must survive. Julia must also not surface too quickly.
  • In Intrusion, keep Brad hidden on the ship.
  • Later, in Finding Friends, have Brad search the ship and locate the gas mask.
  • In Ritual, make sure Fliss goes outside for some fresh air.
  • Take the rebreather before leaving the radio room. You need it to prove to Junior the mist is inside him and can be removed.
  • In Lower Decks, recover the wedding ring from Danny’s corpse.

Also, have fun watching the bad endings and gruesome deaths below (via Zanar Aesthetics)

If you’ve done all of this, you should be able to get the ending where Alex returns the ring to Julia, get the motley crew to board the Duke of Milan, and leave the hellish boat.

Check out our review of Man of Medan. Also, keep in mind that there’s going to be another instalment in the Dark Pictures Anthology.


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