One of the most popular arguments against battle royale games having their own esports is how RNG plays a large role in determining who wins and who losses. Alexander ‘Dyrem’ Sevirinov, PUBG analyst and former Team Russia coach, has shared findings that indicate there could be a way for teams to make use of the game’s randomness.

Dyrem has been spending time analysing the frequency of final circles forming at similar locations in two maps: Erangel and Miramar. He observed thousands of competitive matches played on both maps with SUPER Settings.

SUPER stands for Standard and Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset. It’s basically a set of competitive rules created by PUBG Corporation which serves as a global ruleset for all PUBG esports professional competitions.

Looking closely at Dyrem’s Miramar analysis, we can see that final circles in the map most frequently will form at locations such as Power Grid, a bit south of Impala, and either north-west or south-east of Chumacera.

In Erangel, it seems that the results are less clear with findings indicating that final circles usually form in places like Pochinki, near the Georgopol Hills, and a few areas around the Sosnovka Military Base.

Answering questions to his findings, Dyrem explained that the orange to red zones indicate more than 5 final circles formed at the area while green indicates three to four final circles. He has also clarified that he carried out these observations while running patch #28 but noted that his results aren’t affected by the changes made in patch #30.

A few PUBG professional players including Team Liquid’s Jim ‘jeemzz’ Eliassen and Team Envy’s Nick ‘Interrogate’ Raposo have replied to Dyrem’s tweet. Interrogate even tagged the the official Twitter accounts for PUBG and PUBG Esports, demanding that changes be made to the land ratios.


Despite all this information and evidence, it’s still too early to predict whether or not PUBG esports teams will make use of this information to prefer different landing spots or change their overall playstyles. At the very least, it’s something to consider in their next match.


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