We Learn More About Wraith’s Lore In Apex Legends’ Latest Short

The Apex Legends Voidwalker Themed Event begins today and Respawn has decided to start things off with a bang. A newly released Stories from the Outlands short film shows us what could be the origin story of Apex Legends‘ portal-creating champion Wraith.

The new short, titled Voidwalker, mostly takes place in an IMC Detention Facility. It begins with Wraith hacking into one of the facility’s computer terminals and consequently we’re shown details of Wraith’s true identity.

It seems that Wraith’s real name is Renee Blasey and she originated from a planet called Typhon. She was being cruelly researched at the facility for the development of inter-dimensional phase technology, which explains a lot about her powers.

After being attacked by armed personnel, Wraith opens a portal and within it, we see her traveling in a pocket dimension where there exists multiple different versions of herself that are apparently from other dimensions.

If you’ve played as Wraith before then you’ll know that she hears voices which warn her whenever other hostile players are aiming at her or when there are traps nearby. We can now confirm that these voices come from the versions of herself who come from different dimensions.

While running away, Wraith then sees the version of herself that exists in the dimension she’s currently in, a Renee that hasn’t escaped the facility and is still being treated like a lab rat. This is the version of Wraith that we play as in the game.

The two Wraiths.

At the end of the short, both of them are cornered by Amer Singh, the lead scientist responsible for Wraith’s horrible experiences. Only the new Wraith manages to escape and she finds herself in… Kings Canyon, prior to the beginning of the Apex Games.

So now we know why Wraith hears voices and her intention of competing in the Apex Games.

Voidwalker is the second Stories from the Outlands short film, the first one was made to flesh out Wattson’s backstory. Judging by this pattern, could it be that the next short will be centered around the speculated upcoming legend Crypto?

The Voidwalker Themed Event starts today 3 September 2019 and lasts for two weeks until 17 September 2019. For more information on the new game mode and loot, read here.

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