It’s been two years since EA DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 was released to controversial feedback and widespread criticism due to its excessive microtransactions and loot boxes. The developer have since made amends and rectified the problem by removing gameplay-related loot boxes and leaving only the cosmetic ones in the game.

While EA DICE is used to churning out annual sequels for the Battlefield franchise, that won’t be the case for Star Wars Battlefront 2, which means that we won’t be seeing a potential Star Wars Battlefront 3 anytime soon.

Speaking with PCGamesN at Gamescom 2019, Star Wars Battlefront 2 design director Dennis Brännvall revealed that they’re not planning a sequel. He believes the reason is that people seemingly don’t want sequels anymore and prefer games being supported in the long run instead.

He said:

“Sequels are probably still viable otherwise people wouldn’t be doing them but it’s not the same hunger as it used to be.

We were so used to the chain of sequels, where we do a sequel then we do a season pass for a year then move onto the next game.

I think the industry has changed on that… before it was very transactional and we made the game and we signed up for 4 DLCs and then that’s it.

So then you focus on getting value to players out of what they paid for and if there was a system that wasn’t working then you put a pin in that and say we will fix it in the sequel.

This time around we’re not doing it that way.”

EA DICE’s strategy for Star Wars Battlefront 2 as of now is to “overhaul bits that aren’t working and not be afraid of changing things”. A better game will then result in a happier community, according to Brännvall. He states the game’s previous “spawnwave” spawning system (random spawning) being removed after negative community feedback as an example of that.

This is good news for existing owners of Star Wars Battlefront 2, as they can look forward to even more content in the near future. EA DICE recently announced that the game will finally be receiving an offline single-player mode (that’s not the story campaign) and Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker content.



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