The idea of a Gears of War movie has been a talking point since the first Gears game and whenever we’re talking about a movie adaptation for a game full of angry brawny men, Dave Bautista’s has always been a popular choice to play main man Marcus Fenix.

Bautista still isn’t confirmed be filling that role in a Gears movie but it seems that he’ll be making an even cooler appearance in the game’s universe, as himself. That’s right, the WWE Superstar and the man who plays Drax in the MCU will be playable in Gears of War 5.

Announcing through his Twitter account, Bautista says that “it’s about damn time” that they get him into Gears and yeah, we all totally agree. He’s physique and personality is pretty much perfect for the deadly world of Gears of War.

His appearance in the game is also a part of a collaboration between WWE and Xbox, intended to promote the game. The partnership will allow fans to watch behind-the-scenes videos and more on WWE’s gaming channel UpUpDownDown which will be uploaded progressively as a special countdown towards the WWE Clash of Champions event happening on 15 September 2019.

You can unlock Bautista as a playable character on any version of Gears 5 (including with your Xbox Game Pass membership) starting on 15 September 2019. The promotion ends on 28 October 2019.

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