A few weeks ago, we reported that Borderlands 3 couldn’t be pre-loaded ahead of its 13th September release date. Turns out, you can.

2K Games just announced that anyone who pre-ordered Borderlands 3 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One can pre-load the game 48 hours before it launches.

Here’s when it’ll be ready to play on PS4 and Xbox One: 13th September at 0:00am GMT+8.


Here’s when it’ll be ready to play on PC: 13th September at 7am GMT+8.


That means console players will be playing it 7 hours earlier than the PC-gaming crowd. Also, Tim Sweeney found a solution to the pre-loading problem Epic Games faced. Huzzah!

While you wait, check out our awesome Borderlands 3 coverage.

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