Just last month in early August 2019 , Capcom let everyone play a free trial of Street Fighter V complete with access to all launch characters and all of the Season 3 roster which includes Sagat, Sakura, and Blanka. If you missed it, fear not. The free trial is coming back for a rematch.

Starting from 10 September and lasting till 16 September 2019, the free trial will go live once again for PS4 and PC (via Steam). There will be multiplayer support so if you’re keen on finding out which ones of your friends suck at fighting games, make sure to spread the news.


The first run of the of trial happened in conjunction with EVO 2019. It’s been a month since we saw MkLeo win SSBU, Arslan Ash mopping the floor in Tekken 7, and Go1 beat SonicFox in a very emotional final match but the excitement can still be felt in the hearts of FGC peeps around the world.

This is your chance to get a taste of that excitement and passion. Don’t miss out!


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