This 1/6th Anthem Ranger Javelin Figure Is Locked And Loaded


Despite what you may think of Bioware’s Anthem earlier this year, I’m sure that many of us can agree that the Iron Man-esque Javelin armours in the game look awesome as heck, with its weapons and details. Now you can have one of those sleek suits of mass destruction standing on your shelf.

Renowned toys manufacturer Threezero has announced the Anthem 1/6 Ranger Javelin collectible figure. The 14.2” (36cm) tall figure features a completely original body with over 27 points of articulation, with interchangeable hands and an Assault Rifle accessory, as well as LED lighting components in the eyes and a freaking jetpack.

It is now available for pre-order at the official website here starting from 9am GMT+8 on 10 September 2019, at the price of US$249.90 or roughly RM1047+ (including worldwide shipping costs).

In the meantime, check out the Anthem 1/6 Ranger Javelin collectible figure in all its glory below.


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