Guess even the melancholy release of Anthem isn’t enough to bring Bioware down to its knees.

According to Bioware General Manager Casey Hudson, the company is still working on a bunch of projects. These include:

  • Dragon Age 4, which we all know is eventually coming.  Hudson is reaffirming that the game is progressing well development-wise.
  • The company currently hiring for its upcoming “super-secret” big projects. Current job listings include devs who have “exceptional hands-on experience with game mechanics in first/third-person shooters in space, and anyone willing to work using the Frostbite engine. The actual quote: Work closely with Frostbite central teams to improve and leverage Frostbite’s rendering systems.”
  • Salvaging, we mean improving  Anthem. The company will be making fundamental improvements that will bring out the full potential and long-term vision of the third-person sci-fi lootathon shooter. These improvements will take time.

Good to know EA is still keeping Bioware busy and cutting the company some slack.


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