Studio Ghibli Music Composer Joe Hisaishi To Perform In Singapore Next February

If you love the music to classic anime films like Spirited Away and Castle In The Sky, you’ll get the chance to hear it live next year in Singapore.

Joe Hisaishi, the man behind all of Studio Ghibli’s music and the Ni No Kuni games, will be having his own concert on 21st and 22nd of February 2020 down south at the Esplanade Concert Hall for two nights. He will be working with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra on a 2-hour session. He will be doing the following compositions:

  1. The East Land Symphony.
  2. Woman for piano and strings: Woman, Ponyo, and Les Aventuriers.
  3. Spirited Away Suite.

Sounds good? Tickets will be on sale 21st September at 9am GMT+8, and will cost you between SG$98 to SG$398. Folks with  SSO Friends Season Passes will be entitled to the priority sales which is going on from now until 20th September. Get more info here if this sounds like your cultured cup of tea.


Author: Team KKP

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