Doom Is Getting An Officially Licensed Bone Vodka

Fancy a drink that will give you a kick that’s just as strong as Hell’s forces? No? Well, we’ve seen weirder cross-promotional video games stuff.

The latest Bethesda PR stunt involves the upcoming Doom Eternal and this specially-licensed bone vodka, according to the recent Bethesda UK Twitter account.

For those not in the know, bone vodka is vodka made out of marrow extracted from beef bones that have been roasted and smoked, and then macerated into neutral grain alcohol. The mixture is then distilled at a low temperature in a vacuum still, which results in a “dry, earthy start”, a “buttery feel on the tongue”, and a “finish that’s smoky and peppery”. Vodka-makers The Rebel Distillers said they’re making the “first vodka  using bones sourced from world-famous butchers The Ginger Pig”.

Here’s what the company’s co-founder Matt McGivern said:

“We’re tapping into one of the world’s favourite hobbies, video games, to offer a unique perspective in spirit production. Doom Eternal is a world of flames and demons, a barbecue pit with action—a smoked bone vodka is certainly a new take on spirit provenance.”

The 700ml bottles will go for US$55 each and are available for pre-order. Unfortunately for us Southeast Asians, they only ship in UK, EU, and Australia. The bottles will be shipped in stores near the end of September, just in time for the game’s release on 22nd November.

Let’s hope this Bethesda stunt turned out better than the Fallout 76 Nuka Dark Rum promotional alcohol stint. Get more information about the vodka here.

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