Remember the first-ever Final Fantasy co-op game on the Gamecube that required the most convoluted multiplayer setup ever? Then again, the game was tailored for a Nintendo Game Boy Advance-loving audience back in the heyday.

Well, you now get to re-experience all that in online form now with the remastered edition of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. It’ll roughly be US$30 and features:

  • Online multiplayer for up to four people, which would be the main draw of the title,
  • Cross-play function and cross-save data across all platforms, also another huge draw,
  • New post-game dungeons and bosses, new character skins, new items to equip, newly-recorded voiceovers, and new theme songs by Yae.

We’re all for co-op multiplayer Final Fantasy. Check out the trailer featuring Donna Burke’s lovely voice. 


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