Slap anything with the official GameFreak and Nintendo Pokémon seal of approval, and you’ll no doubt make your development money back. Slap it onto a mobile game and you’re set for life.

At least that’s the current impression for the recently-released iOS and Android battle game Pokémon Masters. According to SensorTower, the game has earned US$26 million in its first week via player spending worldwide.


Players in Japan contributed the most towards Pokémon Masters during its launch week, spending about US$16 million. Out of the US$26 million amount, US$4.5 million came from the U.S., Hong Kong, Taiwan, and France.

Congrats to the devs & publishers for the success. However, for people and gamers who want to see extensive monetization tactics and “pay-to-win” formulas die off, well you’re s*** outta luck.


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